Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Evernote help me!!! And Mint. And meal planning. Because why not throw it all together!

My brain is a scattered mess.  Soo...in an attempt to get myself and my life back under control, Evernote is hopefully coming to my rescue.  I've spent the last hour or so making all sorts of lists that will hopefully get me back on track.  I'll be making posts about each of these at some point or another (because I'm sooo on the ball with this whole blogging business) but here's a still-incomplete-but-in-progress list of my lists.  Yep.

  • Household to do's
  • Fall Fling to do's - An event I'm running for my mom's group, The Family Network.  Don't worry, you'll hear all about it as I turn into a nervous wreck over the next four months.
  • Blog post ideas - What a Shocker!!

Oh, the exciting life I lead.

 The other big things that don't need lists necessarily but are high on my radar right now are budgeting and meal planning.  Oh, and running.  But that's a completely different topic.  The first two somewhat go hand in hand because I've come to realize our budget, while not completely out of control, could certainly use a little help.  Enter Mint.com!  (Seriously, what the heck did I do before the internet?!?!?)  I'm going to set up some lovely little helpers/alerts/thing-a-majiggers in Mint to let me know when we've spent too much or are getting close to the amount I've set.  We'll see how that goes.

Wait.  Totally went off track where that was supposed to go.  So meal planning.  The biggest problem in our spending is definitely eating out.  We do it way too much and I've figured out it's because we don't meal plan.  I go grocery shopping weekly and we eat everything I buy, but I don't seem to buy much in the way of dinner food.  Breakfast and lunch, I've got your covered.  But dinner, yeah not so much.  So this week we're trying out the Whole Foods recipe app to get our meals on track.  So far so good!  Two meals down, two to go.  (I'm not counting tomorrow because we'll be at a cookout and Saturday we have a party.)  I built in a gimme day because going cold turkey on the no eating out thing is just not going to work for us.  But I think this is really going to help!

Ok, talk about the most random, all over the place post ever.  I'll stop now.  Check back later if you want to subject yourself to more stream of consciousness writing that makes no sense whatsoever.