Thursday, June 5, 2014

Let's try this again...

So I had another bit of a lapse there...but there's at least a decent reason this time!

In March we decided to get the house ready to sell again.  We attempted this last year to no avail but were ready to try again with a new realtor and new updates to the house.  Long story short, we listed at the end of March and 16 days later were under contract.  Yahoo!!  But true to form, we had to complicate it.  We found another house very quickly, but knew Matt was traveling most of May for work.  So the turn-around for inspections/packing/closing/moving were going to get very complicated very quickly if we tried to do it all before he left.  So.  We ended up closing on our old house at the beginning of May, renting said house from the new owners for a month, and closing on the new house at the end of May.  We finally moved May 31 after a few quick updates to the new place.  

So the direction this little ol' blog of mine is going to take now is a house diary of sorts.  I want to track our progress of updating the new place and share it with family/friends/whoever cares to see and read.  

So stay tuned if you're interested in a couple pseudo-DIYers and their mid-70s fixer-upper!

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