Monday, June 18, 2012

Where the heck is my runner's high????

So last fall the Hubbs decided he was taking up running. I was in full support of this venture, provided he did not try to rope me in. I Hate to run. Loathe. What is the point, I've always wondered. I had always been very active in sports in high school; soccer, softball, etc., but track was not my game. Perhaps that is's not a game!! I'm not chasing after a ball trying to score a goal, I'm running in a fracking circle! Oy.

But I digress.

So anywho, Hubbs does a 10K training program, I am his biggest cheerleader, he completes it (in winter, no less, crazy man), tra-la.

Fast-forward to this spring. Now all of a sudden I have decided to try running. I honestly don't know if he has been slowly brainwashing me this past year or if I came up with this hair-brained idea on my own, but by April I had asked for running shoes as my Mother's Day gift. WTF. So obviously and with ill-concealed glee the Hubbs agrees to gift me my shoes. As I have never bought anything but cross-trainers and cleats in my life, I follow his worthy example and buy barefoot-style running shoes. Now, I have never had foot problems in my life. Even after years and years of soccer, softball, basketball, you name it, nary a pain in my pinkie toe. However, three weeks of running barefoot-style and my arches are shooting pains like something's going to rip and my heels feel like nails are being driven up through them. Now, again, I'm no runner but even I know this is wrong. So off I go to Runners Plus with my now-hated Mother's Day gift in hand begging for assistance in buying new shoes.

I've ended up with a neutral-style Brooks shoe that is still supposedly barefoot-style but has waaay more cushion for my sad, sad feet. I'll be taking my first run in them tomorrow evening, so only time will tell. But by God they better not make me feel like an 80yr old who can't walk!!!!


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  2. You have to ease into the barefoot style reeeeally slowly. When I first got mine, my calves and soleus were KILLING me. It took about three weeks of light running every other day before I worked into them. So take it slow and be patient!

    Also, I found the videos on this site really useful to learn good form:

    Good luck!!